Attenti al Cane: Twentysix Dogs Found on Street View — Lele Buonerba & Laurel Hauge

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August 2019
Hand-bound publication, 36 pages
8.5 x 5.5 inches
Edition of 200, hand-numbered

Attenti al Cane is in the collection of the NYPL and has been reviewed by Artist’s Book Review!
What does it mean to be in love with someone an ocean apart? How do you connect and create intimate space for yourselves when geography isn’t on your side? In a moment where technology is more often denounced as a wedge driving us further from one another, it can also be a bridge between two worlds, a space where we can be closer to those who are far.

The work contained within Attenti al Cane is about that act and gesture, more than it is about the end product of an image. Attenti al Cane is an outstretched digital hand across the expanse that separates Laurel Hauge and Lele Buonerba. Within each image and page are the decisions they made in conjunction, not isolation. In the curation of each screen-capture of the twenty-six dogs found in this book is the relationship of those two and how they see the world within the framework of their trans-atlantic relationship. The dynamic, however, vastly differs from that of a penpal. Attenti al Cane is two lovers holding hands on an evening stroll, with the aid of Google, across the globe and through their longing to be side by side.

– Dominic Leon
Have a Nice Day Press

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