Founded by Lele Buonerba and Laurel Hauge in 2019, Have a Nice Day Press develops and publishes books, editions, and ephemera by artists whose work is informed by Internet culture and digital life.


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Laurel Hauge

No More Than 10%

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April 2023
Stitch-bound publication
36 pages
19 × 14 cm
Edition of 200, hand-numbered

Have a Nice Day Press is delighted to present No More Than 10%, the latest artist book by Laurel Hauge. This publication acts as a tongue-in- cheek critique as well as ode to the idiosyncracies of the contemporary art fair circuit. Presenting themselves and their most desireable works within temporary wall constructions that sometimes feel closer to labirinths for lab mice rather than the idealized white cube they seem to derive from, gallerists and dealers make every effort to keep their booths pristine. But after the hours of work – installing, socializing, selling – rise into the double digits, one is forced to plug in their most essential devices, often bearing Apple logos: phones, tablets, and laptops. The “phone pictures” collected in this book present a dizzying sequence of corners, floors, and carpets punctuated by strewn cables and devices oftentimes placed curiously close to works of art.

Riley Cavanaugh

Poems Sneaking Through a Sieve

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October 2022
Spiral-bound publication
66 pages
16 × 22 cm
Edition of 500

ISBN: 978-8894636222
Have a Nice Day Press is delighted to present Poems Sneaking Through a Sieve, the first artist book by Riley Cavanaugh. This publication bridges gaps between artist book, monograph, sketchbook, and collection of materials gathered on the Internet. Screenshots of CAPTCHA prompts and spam emails collected between 2018–2021 are the inexhaustible source material for the two bodies of work which act as the publication’s foundation.

Cavanaugh responds to this imagery and information by superimposing written responses on the CAPTCHA prompts and omitting texts and graphics from the spam emails to create visual poems. In the book, a selection of these works is paired with additional drawings and photographs by the artist. The two distinct bodies of visual poems seem to converse—each speaking their own language—while the drawings and photographs push and pull the conversation between feigning automation and showing the artist’s hand.

Included in the publication is an essay by Nina Wexelblatt.

Poems Sneaking Through a Sieve
Postcard Set

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Set of 12 postcards
15 x 10 cm each

Edition of 150
This set of 12 postcards collects visual poems by Riley Cavanaugh developed as part of Have a Nice Day Press' latest book release, Poems Sneaking Through a Sieve. The subjects are evenly split between spam email poems and CAPTCHA poems, 4 of which were not included in the book and are published here for the first time.

Lele Buonerba & Laurel Hauge

Attenti al Cane: Twentysix Dogs Found on Street View 

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August 2019
Hand-bound publication
36 pages
8.5 x 5.5 inches
Edition of 200, hand-numbered

Attenti al Cane is in the collection of the NYPL and has been reviewed by Artist’s Book Review.
What does it mean to be in love with someone an ocean apart? How do you connect and create intimate space for yourselves when geography isn’t on your side? In a moment where technology is more often denounced as a wedge driving us further from one another, it can also be a bridge between two worlds, a space where we can be closer to those who are far.

The work contained within Attenti al Cane is about that act and gesture, more than it is about the end product of an image. Attenti al Cane is an outstretched digital hand across the expanse that separates Laurel Hauge and Lele Buonerba. Within each image and page are the decisions they made in conjunction, not isolation. In the curation of each screen-capture of the twenty-six dogs found in this book is the relationship of those two and how they see the world within the framework of their trans-atlantic relationship. The dynamic, however, vastly differs from that of a penpal. Attenti al Cane is two lovers holding hands on an evening stroll, with the aid of Google, across the globe and through their longing to be side by side.

– Dominic Leon

Attenti al Cane

Attenti al Cane Sticker

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3.5 x 2 inches
“Attenti al Cane” means “Beware of Dog” in Italian, but also “Pay attention to the dog.” Put this durable sticker on your laptop, fridge, phone, front door, coffee mug, speaker, lunch box, stool, water bottle, or any flat surface you please to remind yourself and others to keep an eye out for any dogs you might encounter in the world or on the internet.


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Open Call 2023

Have a Nice Day Press is a small publishing house which aims to develop and publish artist books, editions, and ephemera by artists whose work is informed by Internet culture. We are currently seeking submissions of artist book projects for our forthcoming 2023 publishing program.

We are interested in artist book projects that explore the intersections of art, technology, and culture, and that push the boundaries of traditional publishing formats. We welcome submissions from artists working in a variety of media, including but not limited to visual art, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.

The call is open to individuals as well as collectives from all over the world for primarily English language media, applications will be accepted through midnight (EST) Tuesday, March 14, 2023. Submission is free.

Submissions are now closed.

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Have a Nice Day Press

Founded by Lele Buonerba and Laurel Hauge in 2019, Have a Nice Day Press develops and publishes books, editions, and ephemera by artists whose work is informed by Internet culture and digital life.

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Lele Buonerba

Lele Buonerba

Lele Buonerba is a Milan-based graphic designer working in the contemporary arts field since 2017. When he’s not looking at, writing about, or handling art, he enjoys DJing and engaging with club culture.

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Laurel Hauge

Laurel Hauge

Based in Chicago, Laurel is an artist and writer working across media, including photography, performance, and poetry. Her practice focuses on labor in the art world.

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